About PurohitJi:  PurohitJi App is the India’s 1st and most trusted online platform for Hindu puja service, Vedic Rituals, Religious Ceremonies and Astrology Services. We provide the India’s well-known, highly qualified and experienced Shastries and Pandits for you who will come to your house and do the puja. Our services also include online puja samagri and puja items.

we are a group of highly imaginative, young creatives, who have endevoured to establish this PUROHITJI MAGIC PVT LTD to serve your interests in the best way possible. We, the 3 pioneers, from different backgrounds have come together to realize this dream:




Graduated from IIT Guwahati


CTO of PUROHITJI MAGIC PVT LTD Bharath Kumar, nurses an unquenching thirst to solve challenging tasks in day to day life, with the help of his unsurpassed enthusiasm for technology, which is a gift of his education from the reputed IIT Guwahati and ardently shown his 2 years of experience with OLA (ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd)






Graduated from 

International Management Institute


CEO of PUROHITJI MAGIC PVT LTD Nakerikanti Harish has completed his PGDM in Marketing from International Management Institute, Kolkata. Having worked with Pladis Global and Reliance Retail Ltd, he has acquired immense knowledge about the ground level realities of the marketing world and right now he is working with Globaldata Research centre Pvt Ltd as Market research Analyst. He is also a travel enthusiastic and Explorer.






Chartered Accountant


CFO of PUROHITJI MAGIC PVT LTD Naveen Gowtham,  complements the enthusiasm of the previous two through his calm demeanor and uncanny ability to crack the numbers,  as he is a Chartered Accountant, with over two years of experience with Guru and Jana Audit firm, currently working with PWC. However, he too seeks pleasure in his travels around the world.


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