One small story from Ramayana which holds a bigger truth of life!

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Ramayana! A book that is a great source of finding and moulding ourselves into a better human being and it’s undebatable. Every little part of the Ramayana is meant to teach us a lot about life

Ramayana teach us about how we should conduct ourselves, and whatnot, everything that we need to know and this One small story from Ramayana which holds a bigger truth of life! is a perfect example to what all we have just said:

Everyone set to work carrying huge stones and boulders to the seaside and started throwing them in the water to build the bridge. Thousands of Vaanaras worked ceaselessly and Sri Rama was pleased. Then the king noticed that a small brown squirrel rushed up and down from the hills to the shore carrying little pebbles in her mouth. “What is that little creature doing?” he wondered

Then he went up to the little squirrel and asked what it is doing. The squirrel looked up and said, “I am helping to build the bridge to save Ma Sita.” All the Vaanaras began to laugh.

The squirrel added, “I cannot carry rocks or stones. I can only lift small pebbles, but that is what I can do to help. I want to be of assistance to Lord Rama.”

Then he said, “Each serves according to his strength and capacities and each is needed to make this bridge.” With three fingers, Sri Rama drew three lines down the squirrel’s back. “What truly matters is not the strength one has, but how great one’s love and devotion is.” From that day forth squirrels have had three pale stripes on their rich brown furry backs—marks of the great Sri Rama.

From this story what we really need to learn is that every bit of an effort is very precious. You need as small as number 1 to make 100 from 99. And it always matters as long as we have the heart to do a thing and we give our 100% effort to it. Just like you need a lot of single number 1’s to make a hundred, every single thing you say, think and do makes who you are and has an impact on yourself, and the society. No work is small. Only thing that’s worse is the absence of work at all.

Jai Shri Ram!